Parent Center

Written by Forest Hill Web Manager on 15 September 2010.

Welcome to the Parent Resource Center

Hours & Contact Info

Open every Tuesday,
Wednesday, and Thursday…

Hours: 8:00 AM—1:00 PM

Nancy Gines
Parent Center Coordinator




The Goal…

It is the goal of Forest Hill High School to develop strong partnerships with its parents. We believe that parents and the school working together as partners will increase student achievement and develop positive attitudes within the community and the school.

The Purpose…

  • To promote an inviting atmosphere that encourages parental acceptance and sharing in the total development of children.
  • To provide a variety of opportunities for parents to become informed, empowered, and involved in our school’s total program.



Resources Offered to Parents


  • Parent workshops
  • Summer study booklets
  • Summer reading program
  • Informative pamphlets and booklets

Coming Soon! Computer Lab for Parents and Student Use.



10 Tips for a Successful Parent Teacher Conference

  1. Get a “partner” attitude.
  2. Review information.
  3. Identify concerns.
  4. Plan your conference.
  5. Focus on student’s progress.
  6. Don’t be defensive.
  7. Identify areas to improve.
  8. Set “next step” goals.
  9. Follow-up on progress.
  10. Set future meeting if needed.